Accept payments with a mPOS card reader

Turn your phone or tablet into a fast and secure mobile point of sale.

Enable mobile credit card processing

Our mobile credit card reader allows you to accept secure credit card repayments on your mobile device. Just connect your mobile credit card reader easily through a standard headphone jack on your Apple iOS or Android device. You can buy an SPMS – supported card reader directly from our partner, POS Portal. Get up to 20 percent off select card readers–we have a limited supply.

Customize your mpos app

Your credit card reader app is easily customizable, so you can modify settings and articles for your company’s needs. Use as many different tax rates as you need, set a default tax rate, accept tips, gather shipping data, create an SKU catalog, and email a certificate.
Developer resources

Learn about mobile in-app transactions.

The global standard for secure transactions

When choosing your mobile credit card reader, consider an EMV® chip-enabled card reader for the latest in security innovation, helping ensure your mobile credit card processing is as safe and secure as you and your customers would expect.

mPOS mobile app devices

Learn about devices supported by our mPOS Mobile Application/VPOS v2 Application and supported secure card readers.

Need a computer connection?

If you’re looking for an alternative to taking payments by mobile phone, our Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) technology can help. VPOS empowers you to connect a compatible card reader to your computer, log in, and start accepting payments in person.