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Accept the payments customers prefer

Make it easy for customers to pay by accepting the payment types they prefer, including major credit cards, signature debit cards, eChecks, and online payments.

Payment solutions that give your customers freedom

With Authorize.net, you can allow your buyers freedom by accepting a variety of payment types, from local mobile card readers and phone payments to online payments. Whether you sell online, in-store, or by mobile devices, we make it easy to accept most forms of payment, including credit cards, EMV chip cards, digital payments, and more. Call us at 1-888-323-4289 with your questions.

Accept these payment types wherever you do business

Accept the payment types buyers prefer. We support multiple forms of online payment*, so your buyers can choose the payment types they prefer. Payment processing is simplified, so the buyer experience is seamless whether they choose to pay online or in person.

Accept customers worldwide

As long as your business is based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia, you can accept international payments from anywhere in the world.

Payment processing, simplified

Visa Click to Pay turns shoppers into buyers

Visa Click to Pay's single sign-on makes it easy for customers to check out, capturing sales that might otherwise be lost.

Apple Pay for Safari users

Let customers who prefer Apple Pay make purchases using their Apple Pay wallet with a touch of a button or even a thumbprint ID.

PayPal payments at no extra cost

Add PayPal Express Checkout to your accepted forms of payment and open the door to 148 million active PayPal users.

Integration is simple

For information on integrating a digital payment solution, please visit our Developer Center.

"I would much rather spend my time playing with puppies and kittens than I would worrying about payments and payment processing. "

Teri Quesenberry, BlueDoor Veterinary, Authorize.net customer